How to make Thin Film

Features High purity of thin film Suitable for thin film alloy High m.p. material usable Strong adhesion

SSM's Deposition Technology

Physical Method (PVD)
  • Resistive heating evaporation (NiCr, Cu, Ni, Au etc.)
  • lectron beam evaporation (Ni, Al etc.)
  • Sputtering (NiCr, Cr Alloy, Cu)
  • Ion plating (Ni, Cr etc.)
Chemical Method (CVD))
  • Plasma CVD (SiO2, SiN etc.)
  • Plasma polymerization reaction (SiN etc.)
  • Electrolyte plating (Cu, Ni, Au, Solder etc.)
  • Non-electrolyte plating (Au, Ni Alloy etc.)