SUSUMU-Ultra-Precision & Ultra-Reliability RG Series

Code : RG1005(0402), RG1608(0603), RG2012(0805), RG3216(1
Brief : Best thin film chip resistors on the market, period!! Susumu's thin film resistors demonstrate thin film at its best. Precise, stable, accurate, reliable and high frequency performance with minimal noise into GHz range.

Ultra-Precision & Ultra-Reliability

RG1005(0402) 0.01% 5ppm
RG1608(0603) 0.01% 5ppm
RG2012(0805) 0.01% 2ppm, 5ppm
RG3216(1206) 0.01% 2ppm, 5ppm


  • High reliability and Excellent Stability at different environmental conditions

    Low noise, THIN FILM(NiCr) construction.

    EIA Standard case size(0402,0603,0805,1206)

    RoHS Compliance and 100% Lead-Free ( Matte Sn termination finished)


  • Automotive

    Test & measurement

    Optical & Telecommunication

    Medicaland industrial equipment


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