About Us

GNN Components is one of the best suppliers of Electronic Components in Vietnam because we can operate one of the biggest industry’s broadest product portfolios .

GNN can serve customers across the spectrum of electronic applications with innovative semiconductors by leveraging its vast array of technologies. We can provide the latest technology products and information with the best price, it will help to maximize your business, and reduce the expense for your company.


BOURNS (professional in Automotive, Diodes, Microelectronics Module, Circuit Protection, Encoders, Resistors, Chip Inductors, Transistors, Connectors…)

DIPTRONICS (professional in Switches...)

EASY BRAID (professional in Stencil Rolls, Solder Soakers, Swabs, Fume Extractions Systems, Solder Paste Inspection, Optical Inspection System…)

EPCOS ( professional in Capacitors, RF Components, Sensors and Sensor Systems, Protection Devices, Ceramic Switching and Heating Components, Inductors, EMC Components…)

EVERBOUQUET(professional in LCD Modules…)

GCT(professional in FFC Connectors, Memory, Modular Jacks, SIM, USB…)

JOHANSON TECHNOLOGY (professional in RF Capacitors, Integrated Passives, RF Inductors, Modules and Substrates…)

LEDIL(professional in Led Lenses, Reflectors…)

LYONTEK(professional in full line SRAMS-low power and high speed, Audio- ClassAB and ClassD…)

RADIOCRAFTS AS (professional in Wireless AMR Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Modules…)

SUSUMU (professional in Resistors, Capacitors, Coils Inductors, Microwave Components, Delay lines, Sensors…)

ZYWYN(professional in ICs, Display Drivers, Interface Integrated Circuits…)

LINEAR-ARTWORK (professional in Buck Converter, Buck Controller, LED Driver, Linear Regulator, Audio Amplifier…)

LANTIQ (professional in Home Networking, Digital Cordless, Broadband Access, Voice Access…)

DINKLE(professional in Terminal Blocks, Components and CMS Cooperation, Electroplating and Surface Treatment…)

ABRACON CORPORATION (professional in Crystals, Oscillators, Filters, Magnetics…)

ATMEL(professional in Microcontrollers, Memory, Touch Solution, Wireless Solution, Automotive Solution…)

FAIRCHILD(professional in Diodes, Transistors, ICs, Switches…)

BCM(professional in Industrial Motherboards, Industrial Computers, Panel PC…)

JETWAY(professional in Motherboards, IPC Board, Graphic Cards…)

RIEDON(professional in resistors…)

SANDISK (professional in Memory Cards, USB Flash Drive, PC Products, Readers and Accessories…)

AXIOMTEK(professional in Embedded Board SoM , Motherboard, CPU Card, Storage Device…)

LITE-ON SEMICONDUCTOR (professional in CIS, Integrated IC, Semi-comp, wafer foundry…)

ON SEMICONDUCTOR (professional in Transistors, Thyristors, Microcontrollers, Analog Switches…)

KNITTER-SWITCH (professional in Toggle Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Slide Switches...)

YITRAN(professional in Module…)

PHYTON( professional in Development Tools, Device Programmers, OEM Tools …)

VARITRONIX(professional in Mono LCD, Mono Character LCD …)

SUNON(professional in Fan & Blower Series, Fan Series , Fan Tray Series …)